Describe the Korean cultural practice tae-kyo

Tae-kyo, known as the Korean national sport, is a traditional game that has been passed down for centuries. Originating in the Goryeoin period (918–1392) when Korea was three separate kingdoms—Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla—tae-kyo was played by warriors on horseback as an exercise to improve their archery skills (Ryu et al., 2014). The modern version of tae-kyo consists of two teams attempting to score points by kicking a ball back and forth over a low net using long sticks called jukdoe.

The rules are simple: each team has seven players on the field facing one another across the net with one player serving at all times. The server must reach the other side without hitting the net or having either team’s stick touch it before it crosses. Each time this happens, a point is awarded and play resumes until one team reaches 21 points (Lee & Kim, 2012).

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