describe the core principle of utilitarianism and discuss the problem of the “tyranny of the majority.

Utilitarianism is a moral theory that states that the best course of action for any given situation is the one which produces the most overall happiness or “utility” for everyone involved. This means that in order to determine what action should be taken, we must consider how much pleasure and pain it will cause each person affected by it. It also suggests that people should act in ways which promote the greatest general happiness even if this results in some individuals experiencing more pain than others.

describe the core principle of utilitarianism and discuss the problem of the “tyranny of the majority.

One core principle of utilitarianism is that individual interests should be sacrificed for the greater good when necessary; this means decisions are made based on what’s best for society as a whole rather than on an individual basis. The focus here is on maximizing wellbeing across society rather than just benefiting a few privileged individuals or groups at the expense of others.

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However, there are certain issues which arise when using utilitarianism to make decisions – namely, what happens if majority opinion overrides minority view? This problem has been referred to as the “tyranny of the majority” and poses a serious challenge to utilitarianism since it can result in minority rights being trampled upon. One example of this could be seen with same-sex marriage laws; while many countries now recognize same-sex unions, some still do not due to pressure from religious or conservative groups who may have strong opinions about such matters despite them having little effect on their own lives.

In conclusion, utilitarianism is a useful ethical framework for making decisions but its reliance on majority opinion can lead to problems such as trampling upon minority rights . To address this issue careful consideration must be given when deciding whether something should be accepted into law based solely on public sentiment or if other factors like potential harm caused by denying someone’s right need taken account

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