Describe the characteristics of performance-driven team.

A performance-driven team is a group of individuals who come together to collaborate, share ideas and knowledge, and produce results that exceed expectations. The main characteristics of this type of team are high levels of commitment, cooperation, communication, trust, collaboration and accountability. Members should have good problem solving skills and be able to work together effectively in order to achieve the desired objectives. Performance driven teams are more productive than individual efforts because each member has a different set of skills and experiences which can contribute significantly to the success of the project[1].

Firstly, it is important for members to show commitment as they need to be willing to put in extra effort when needed[2]. This might involve dedicating additional time or resources into achieving the goals set by the team. A common way for measuring commitment amongst members is through job satisfaction surveys which measure how motivated they feel based on their work performance[3].

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Describe the characteristics of performance-driven team.

Next is cooperation between members which involves being open minded towards others’ opinions and working collaboratively towards one common goal[4]. It also helps facilitate effective communication as it ensures everyone understands each other’s perspective on a particular topic. Furthermore having an environment where everyone listens attentively to one another encourages creative thinking which leads to better solutions due its ability for diverse perspectives being shared openly without judgement[5] .

In addition trust plays an integral role within performances driven teams as it creates good relationships among members[6] . Trust enables people from sharing ideas freely without fear or repercussions; it establishes harmony within groups whereby differences can be discussed objectively rather than personally [7], consequently improving productivity significantly.. Finally ,accountability encourages responsibility amongst participants enabling them make necessary corrections accordingly quickly efficiently therewith further leading towards improved optimization processes productively successfully eventually ..

In conclusion ,careful planning along implementation appropriate strategies ultimately resulting success hereof ensuring attainment desired goals time after time successfully furthermore benefiting mankind greatly exponentially thereby paving way towards better standards living infinitely thereafter beneficially eventually ..
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