Describe one leadership characteristic that you believe is highly valuable.

One leadership characteristic that I believe is highly valuable for a bedside nurse leader is the ability to be empathetic. Empathy is the capacity to understand and share the feelings of another, which can create an environment of trust and respect between nurses, patients, and their families (Mikal et al., 2019). As a bedside nurse leader, having empathy allows me to actively listen to the concerns of my team members and provide thoughtful solutions. Furthermore, it allows me to better recognize difficult situations in order for us to work together in finding better solutions that are tailored towards each individual’s needs (Kumar et al., 2017).

Describe one leadership characteristic that you believe is highly valuable.

Empathy also helps foster collaboration amongst teams by creating an atmosphere where people feel heard, respected and valued (Nguyen et al., 2020). This encourages open communication among those involved which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes. Additionally, this builds strong relationships with patients who will view me as someone they can trust. By understanding their emotions & recognizing what type of support they need during challenging times – such as postoperative pain or anxiety – I am able to provide comfort through effective care-planning strategies & deliver compassionate care (Gullett et al., 2018).Overall being empathetic enables me as a nurse leader take into account all perspectives when making decisions while still staying true my nursing values. By listening attentively & responding compassionately I am able to build stronger relationships & foster teamwork which will lead successful clinical outcomes.

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