Describe how the news story illustrates the effects of multicultural conflict.

The news story, “Struggle for Identity in a Multicultural Society” published by The Guardian outlines the struggles that immigrants and minorities face in their attempt to integrate into the mainstream culture of Britain. This story illustrates vividly how multicultural conflict can cause displacement, inequality and segregation within a society.

Describe how the news story illustrates the effects of multicultural conflict.

Multiculturalism is often seen as an opportunity for people from various backgrounds to come together and share experiences, but this article demonstrates that there are still barriers that have yet to be broken down. The main protagonist is Nasser Khatatbeh, a Palestinian who moved to Britain when he was three years old. He grew up in London as an outsider, unable to identify with any one cultural background or social group. Despite his best efforts at becoming British through his language skills and education, he still faces discrimination due discrimination towards those of Middle Eastern descent due the prevailing climate post-9/11 (Hewstone & Ward 2018). As highlighted in the case study which forms part of this article, Nasser had difficulty finding employment despite having obtained good educational qualifications; employers saw him merely as someone “Arab” or “Palestinian”, not considering what skills or experience he had beyond these labels (Toby 2014). This example illustrates how multicultural conflict leads to exclusion – due prejudice being harboured against certain minority groups they are prevented from taking part in activities open to individuals without such identifiers.

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