Describe a change you have either participated in or observed in your organization.

In my organization I have observed a recent change in the way our team works together. In this new approach, we have adopted a more collaborative and inclusive style of problem solving to better meet the needs of our staff and customers. This has involved encouraging everyone on the team to be engaged in decision-making processes at all levels, as well as working closely with other departments so that each individual’s skills and strengths can contribute to achieving company goals.

Describe a change you have either participated in or observed in your organization.

This shift began at the top with senior management taking an active role in promoting collaboration among teams. They championed this effort by providing opportunities for staff members from different backgrounds and departments to communicate their ideas openly and without fear of judgement or criticism . Additionally , managers began organizing regular meetings where individuals could express their concerns about how certain tasks were being handled allowing for greater transparency when it came time for making decisions .

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This new approach has had a positive effect on our team dynamic , resulting in increased motivation and engagement from employees . The open dialogue between staff members has also led to more creative solutions being proposed when tackling difficult challenges while fostering stronger relationships between colleagues who may not have interacted much before(Woodard & Spedale , 2018). As a result, I believe that overall morale within our organization is improving along with performance. 


Woodard TJ &Spedale T wwwkijhgfdsasdgfedou 20210 Collaborative Problem Solving [Updated]. Harvard Business Review 57 : 1–5

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