Define with examples the racial segregation in the United States.

Racial segregation in the United States refers to a history of deliberate discrimination which has resulted in unequal access to resources, services and opportunities for certain racial and ethnic minorities. This segregation has left its mark on the American landscape and can be seen today in everything from education and housing to employment and healthcare.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of racial segregation is seen in public schools, where there are often stark differences between “majority” or “predominantly white” schools and those serving minority populations. These patterns exist at both the local level – where affluent neighborhoods tend to have higher performing, more resourced public schools – as well as within states that provide less funding to predominantly minority schools (Fryer et al., 2020). In addition, students of color are disproportionately likely to attend under-resourced institutions that lack qualified teachers or advanced courses (Browne & Yee 2017).

Define with examples the racial segregation in the United States.

These disparities also extend into the workplace: Studies have found that Black workers are far less likely than their white counterparts to hold managerial positions or receive promotions (Kertzer & Morton 2009; Williams & Jackson 2018). Moreover, even when controlling for educational attainment, Black Americans still earn significantly lower wages than whites with similar qualifications (DiNardo et al., 2003; Fryer et al., 2020).

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The effects of segregation can also be seen in housing markets: African Americans living in majority-white neighborhoods tend to experience lower home values than homes occupied by whites due partially due to realtor steering practices meant to maintain racially segregated residences (Anrig 1995; Freeman 2007). Furthermore, discriminatory lending practices such as redlining prevent many low income families from accessing mortgages necessary for purchasing homes leading them vulnerable substandard rental units instead(Turner 2019) .

Lastly it must also be noted that while strong correlations may exist between race/ethnicity access certain resources/opportunities this does not mean every member within given group will suffer same adverse outcomes being discussed here no two individuals circumstances always identical rather it’s important understand these patterns merely serve illustrate how systemic inequalities continue influence decisions people make their day lives along with implications they may carry.

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