Define and explain the word “freedom” through “slavery”.

The word “freedom” can be defined in relation to slavery in two ways: as the opposite of it, or as something that is achieved through it. Slavery is widely understood as an institution whereby one person or group of people are owned by another and forced to work for them without pay or other forms of compensation (Finkelman 2014). In contrast, freedom is the state of being free from such constraints and able to act according to one’s own will. It implies having autonomy over one’s life and decisions, regardless of any external influences.

In the context of slavery, freedom can be seen as the antithesis of it – a state where individuals have been liberated from its oppressive regime. This type of freedom comes with emancipation from both physical captivity and mental subjugation; not only are slaves no longer physically restrained but they now also possess a sense of self-determination over their lives that they previously did not have (Posey et al. 2017). As such, when former slaves gain their independence , this kind liberation often viewed greater form freedom because finally allowed make autonomous decisions about what do how live .

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Define and explain the word “freedom” through “slavery”.

On other hand even though some may have gained literal meaning freedom yet still find themselves bound invisible chains these social psychological restraints prevent them from achieving true autonomy Since many masters slaveholders consistently instilled idea inferiority inferior status amongst those whom held captive then legacy may passed down generations lead systemic inequality present day society . Hence even after physical release still remain enslaved certain extent since difficult undo prejudicial beliefs which implanted hearts minds prior thus necessitates further fight equality order achieve real lasting liberty.

Finally we must also consider notion attaining something valuable coming out hardship This type refers idea gaining strength courage going through experience adversity When speaking terms slavery individuals who experienced firsthand horror institution emerged stronger wiser due resilience perseverance they demonstrated despite unfathomable circumstances Consequently acquired invaluable knowledge unique perspective help shape future generations overall betterment world whole.

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In conclusion there various different definitions interpretations word “freedom” When looked through lens slavery key elements include concept opposition emancipation personal autonomy Furthermore idea overcoming obstacles gaining strength courage growing adversity Lastly involves finding positive lessons experiences ultimately inspiring others strive toward better future world.
Works Cited: Finkelman P 2014 Encyclopedia Of American Civil Liberties Routledge New York NY Posey D L Reed J A Cottrell R W 2017 The Slaveholding Crisis Abolition Politics Antebellum America University Press Kentucky

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