Compare and contrast these two pieces of music:

The two pieces of music that will be compared and contrasted are “Amazing Grace” by John Newton, and “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven. Both pieces are iconic musical works which have inspired generations of musicians and listeners alike. Although they both feature complex musical styles, their approach to composition is quite different. 

In terms structure ,“Amazing Grace” follows traditional hymnal form utilizing four-part harmony verses arranged alternating major minor chords throughout piece . Furthermore – its melody primarily comprised simple diatonic notes moving within pentatonic scale provide easy access most listeners .. On other hand – “Für Elise” utilizes three-part format with each section providing contrast another though still maintaining sense overall unity piece …. Additionally – this composition more difficult understand due frequent modulation consist mostly chromaticism great deal dissonance hallmarks Beethoven style writing …… Finally – although both songs share common goal conveying emotion through music ,their respective uses certain techniques like dynamics melodic tapestry make them stand apart one another …

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Compare and contrast these two pieces of music:

All said done – it clear see how much can learn differences same medium even when looking two composers same era . With that being case – its also evident why individual approaches still remain prominent today despite technological advances ever changing climate … In conclusion – while may never reach full understanding why these works chosen over many others likely reason comes down fact something universally appealing them regardless particular mood season present day ….

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