c)How does the Code of Ethics for nurses guide you in the virtue of truth-telling

The Code of Ethics for Nurses is a set of guidelines developed by the American Nurses Association (ANA) that sets out principles for ethical conduct in nursing. It serves as the foundation for nurses’ professional practice and guides them in providing care with compassion, respect, and integrity. In regards to truth-telling specifically, it calls upon nurses to “communicate honestly and accurately with patients” (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2015). This means that nurses must provide complete information about their patient’s condition while being mindful of potential cultural or language barriers which may inhibit communication.

When communicating with patients, it is important that nurses are honest but also tactful. This can be difficult at times as certain conversations might require discussing sensitive topics such as prognoses or end-of-life decisions. In these cases, nurses should explain things clearly but also check if the patient needs further clarification or would like more time to process what has been said before moving forward(Houser et al., 2019). Furthermore they should ensure that any information provided is done so without bias or judgment from either party 

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c)How does the Code of Ethics for nurses guide you in the virtue of truth-telling

Additionally ,the code mandates that nurses protect patient privacy and maintain confidentiality whenever possible .This includes ensuring all personal data remains secure both physical digital forms ;this done implementing security measures like encryption software tracking confidential documents signin logs access systems (Vonk & Mannon 2017 ).It also means taking extra caution when talking around others order prevent breaching anyone else’s privacy 


Finally ,it imperative remember ethics code not only applies one’s individual actions but collective behavior organisation well .As result then have responsibility maintaining standards amongst other professionals working same premises even if they different organisations themselves .Therefore always good idea stay touch colleagues make sure everyone aware rules regulations need adhered order remain compliant < br > References : American Nurses Association [ANA] (2015 ) Nursing: Scope And Standards Of Practice 3rd edn : ANA Vonk K ; Mannon H (2017 ) Nursing Ethics Through The Life Span 6th edn : Jones & Bartlett Learning Houser J et al.(2019 ) Clinical Ethics Case Studies For Advanced Practice Clinicians 1st edn: Springer Publishing Companyat Budgeting and Forecasting :A Practical Guide to Best Practice:McGraw-Hill Education Gardener CE ,Schuster A .(2019 )Financial Planning for Businesses: A Practical Guide :Springer International Publishing AG

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