Articulate the importance of the findings of the literature reviewed

The importance of the findings of the literature reviewed cannot be overstated. A thorough review of any research field provides insight into what has been studied, what topics remain to be investigated, and how current research contributes to our understanding of a particular topic or issue. In addition, it helps researchers develop their own ideas and questions for further investigation by identifying gaps in knowledge or areas that need more attention. The literature review is also useful in helping researchers understand what theoretical frameworks have been used to explain phenomena as well as which methodological approaches have been used to answer questions (Gibson & Brown, 2019).

Articulate the importance of the findings of the literature reviewed

In an effort to assess the effectiveness of any intervention or policy change, it is essential that researchers understand the existing evidence base. By reviewing relevant literature on a given topic, researchers can gain an appreciation for the various perspectives that exist on a given subject matter and identify gaps in the research (Kuriyan & Nair-Collins 2018). For example, when evaluating a proposed solution for reducing poverty among disadvantaged populations, one must first evaluate existing evidence on poverty reduction interventions and policies. Through this process, one can begin to form an understanding of which strategies have proven effective at reducing poverty levels among different populations; however, one may also discover areas where there are limited empirical data available — leaving room for further exploration (Hulme & Shepherd 2003).

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