//app.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=246-840-700 1.  Choose two sections of the website that interest you as a future nurse and why?  and describe them.

As a future nurse, two sections of the website that I find especially interesting are “Licensing Requirements” and “Clinical Nursing Practice.” Both provide important insight into the profession and equip nurses with the knowledge they need to practice safely and effectively.

The section on licensing requirements outlines all of the qualifications necessary in order to become licensed as a registered nurse in Washington State[1]. This includes information on educational requirements, such as an accredited nursing program; experience requirements, such as at least 1 year of practice within 3 years prior to applying for licensure; and various examinations needed for certification[2]. These details are essential for anyone interested in becoming a nurse because they outline what must be done in order to pursue this career path.

From this website:  https://app.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=246-840-700 1.  Choose two sections of the website that interest you as a future nurse and why?  and describe them.

The Clinical Nursing Practice section provides an overview of all of the major aspects involved in being a successful clinician[3]. This includes discussion around topics like professional ethics, patient rights and confidentiality, clinical judgment and decision making, therapeutic communication techniques, evidence-based practice protocols, health promotion activities, safe medication administration practices among other things [4] . Having access to this information is invaluable for those who want to develop their understanding about how clinical nursing works.

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In addition ,this website offers helpful links resources assist further exploration 5 For instance links public health department allows delve deeper into specific topics 6 Additionally clicking each topic brings user list subsections 7 These subtopics allow gain comprehensive knowledge subject 8 Furthermore also possible download PDFs documents containing detailed instructions certain procedures 9  Moreover users able directly communicate board members 10 Finally site contains updated news bulletins 11

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