Analyze what are the various roles that family nurse practitioners can and/or must play to facilitate change for patients and communities before, during and at the completion of transition?

The role of the family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a crucial one in facilitating change for patients and communities before, during, and at the completion of transition. FNPs are highly educated and experienced members of health care teams who have both advanced clinical expertise and knowledge of community resources necessary to provide holistic treatment to diverse populations. They often play a key role in helping individuals navigate transitions—from illness or injury to optimal health and wellness—as they apply their unique skillset to identify barriers, assist with problem-solving strategies, offer support services, create patient/family centered plans of care, collaborate with other professionals across disciplines as needed, evaluate outcomes achieved for individual patients as well as population groups across multiple settings (Kim et al., 2019). In this way, FNPs can facilitate change for patients by connecting them with available resources that aid in transformation from pre-transition stages into post-transition stages.

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