Analyze the bone remodeling process and the minerals involved in that process.

The bone remodeling process is a natural and essential phenomenon that occurs in our bodies, allowing us to maintain healthy bones throughout life. Bone remodeling happens when active cells on the surface of the bone (osteoblasts) break down existing bone tissue, which is then replaced with new tissue by osteoclasts. This cycle of breaking down and rebuilding occurs in order to repair any damage or stresses on the bones caused by various activities such as walking or exercise (Bharam et al., 2018). During this process, minerals are necessary for creating optimal conditions for successful bone healing.

Calcium and phosphorus are two minerals that play a fundamental role in maintaining strong and healthy bones as part of the bone remodeling process. These nutrients create a strong skeletal framework for muscles and tendons to attach securely (Gusi & Gomez-Cabello, 2017). Calcium helps form new mineral deposits during the buildup stages along with strengthening existing structures while phosphorus aids the uptake of calcium into cells within newly formed bones (Gusi & Gomez-Cabello, 2017). The combination of these two minerals serve as fuel for cell metabolism; converting food energy into useable energy needed for cellular activities including protein synthesis required for building up newly formed bones (Helen et al., 2014).

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