Analyze how the current trend could be utilized in your local or state area.

The current trend of utilizing technology is something that has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. This trend can be seen in everything from online shopping, to communication via social media, and even virtual work environments. As technology continues to evolve and become more affordable, it’s important for local or state areas to capitalize on this current trend by leveraging the opportunities available through technology.

Analyze how the current trend could be utilized in your local or state area.

One way local or state areas can take advantage of this current trend is by using it as a tool for economic development. Investments in infrastructure such as digital connectivity solutions like fiber optic networks can help bridge the divide between rural and urban communities by improving access to high speed internet services (Mahoney & Williams, 2019). Increased broadband access will enable businesses in these communities to better compete in an increasingly global economy. Additionally, with increased access comes more job opportunities – both directly related to tech industries such as software engineering or data analysis and indirectly related jobs – providing support services for those tech-related positions (Gillissen et al., 2013). By investing in digital infrastructure, local or state areas show their commitment towards creating an environment where businesses can grow and thrive.

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