Analysis of basic components/concepts and major relationships in the nursing theory?

Nursing theories provide a framework for understanding the practice of nursing and its related concepts. They serve as an organizing structure to help nurses develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities (Gonzales & Anderson 2020). The basic components or concepts of nursing theory are comprised of four major sub-concepts: Person, Environment, Health and Nursing.

Person is the foundational concept in nursing theory which refers to the patient who is being cared for. This concept encompasses all aspects of the individual such as physical health status, psychological needs, spiritual beliefs, social relationships and cultural background (Kantar Health 2018). It also involves recognizing that each person has different capabilities yet can achieve desired outcomes when provided with adequate assistance from healthcare professionals.

Analysis of basic components/concepts and major relationships in the nursing theory?

Environment consists of both physical and psychosocial conditions that influence a person’s ability to reach their goals. This includes factors such as degree of access to resources needed for recovery or maintenance, support systems available in workplace or neighborhood setting etc. Additionally it takes into account how particular elements within environment might be perceived differently by different individuals depending on their individual values/beliefs (Ely et al., 2017).

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Health is another key part of nursing theory which generally refers to state well-being achieved through prevention illness or promotion healing; this could include maintaining healthy lifestyle choices while also taking steps towards mitigating any existing risk factors present. Finally Nursing comprises actions taken by nurse intervene improve overall condition – these can range from providing medical care administering medications conducting necessary tests etc.

In conclusion the core components/concepts major relationships found within nursing theory provide platform upon which further research development can take place effectively giving us better understanding how best deliver care patients need most.

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