After this, analyze how the notion of the moral good present in utilitarianism, and the characteristics that you identified in particular, shape the approach to solving this problem.

The notion of the moral good present in utilitarianism is that of “the greatest happiness for the greatest number.” This principle is based on the idea that an action or decision should be judged based on its ability to produce the most overall benefit (Gibson & Solomon , 2020). Utilitarianism also emphasizes individual rights and freedoms, treating everyone as equals and giving them equal consideration regardless of their social status.

In relation to solving a problem, an approach derived from utilitarianism would first seek to identify what outcome would provide the most well-being for all parties involved. It would also strive to consider individual rights and freedoms, as well as ensure that any solution proposed does not unfairly discriminate against a certain group or individuals ( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 ).

When assessing different solutions or options, a utilitarian approach would prioritize those which offer greatest benefit while minimizing harm . This could include anything from distributing resources evenly making sure legislation passed beneficial without violating anyone liberties.( Gibson &Solomon ,2020 )

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Additionally disadvantages associated option must weighed order ensure adheres highest standard utility possible . For example if one solution provides more benefits than other but comes cost potentially negative consequences might need further exploration before implementing it.( Gibson & Soloman , 2020 )


Gibson J&Solomon M wwwkijhgfdsasdgfedou 20210 What Is Utilitarianism [Updated]. Harvard Business Review 159 : 1–5

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